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We are artists who value animal welfare. 

Voices for Fosters is a non-profit organization run by two voice actors with a shared passion for animal welfare and education. Inspired by an episode of Pokémon dealing with death, Sarah Natochenny and Lisa Ortiz mobilized a community of artists to promote fostering programs around the world and help unburden overwhelmed shelter systems. Our goal is to bring the joy of pet companionship to people who didn't think they had the time, end euthanasia and improve care standards for all animals.

Sarah Natochenny | Founder

Sarah Natochenny is a native New Yorker and honored high school graduate. She is best known for being the voice of Ash Ketchum on Pokémon for the last 11 years, but she's also sold you McDonald's, Wendy's, Neutrogena sunscreen, Scope (Winner: Cannes Lion) and promoted a whole bunch of wonderful TV shows to your children. Some of her favorite television roles can be heard on Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V (role: Aura), World of Winx (role: Venomya) and Super 4 (role: Twinkle). Feature films currently available include Bunta (role: Boca) and Sheep & Wolves (role: Xavi). She studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade and Magnet Theaters. She is equally passionate about her work as a film editor, focusing on documentaries (MSNBC, et al.) on a wide range of subjects, from the wars in the Middle East to weight loss camps in China. She has also assisted on several feature films including Life of Crime (starring Jennifer Aniston) and Cold Comes the Night (starring Bryan Cranston). Most importantly, Sarah is an unapologetic cat enthusiast with four kittens purring in her lap as she writes provocative screenplays she'll likely only release to friends post-mortem. 

Lisa Ortiz | Founder

Lisa Ortiz is a Voice actor, director and producer native to NYC. Her work has been heard on Disney XD, SciFi, Cartoon Network, WB, Nickelodeon and Netflix amongst others. Currently voice director on Pokémon Sun and Moon, she has directed on Robo Car Poli, Heroes United, 7 and Me, Norm of the North, The Dark Knight Returns (Mobile Game) as well as the Dungeon Hunter and Modern Combat franchises (partial list). She has lent her voice to dozens of projects, including Sonic the Hedgehog (Amy Rose), Robo Car Poli (Mini), Yu-Gi-Oh/Gx/(Serenity), Winx club (Musa, Icy – 4kids), Winx World (Grizelda), Royal Academy, and Slayers (Lina). On Pokémon, her journey began as Misty's older sister, Daisy, and has continued through various seasons with Sabrina, Korrina, Oshawatt and Litten. As comfortable in front as behind the microphone, she strives to create performances that though animated, engage emotional honesty, fostering communication and  bringing people closer together. She and her new feline brood are thankful to Sarah for bringing them together. 

Jake Paque | Video Production

Jake Paque is a writer, producer and voice actor currently based in NYC. As a voice actor he's worked on Yu-gi-oh!, Gundam, Winx Club and many others. Since childhood he's been an avid storyteller; initially making movies with Lego people and action figures, he quickly graduated to working with real live humans. As a filmmaker, Jake's passion is creating and developing original content and bringing those ideas to life on screen. Whether it's producing an emotionally charged indie film, a documentary in Central America, post-producing for a corporate client, punching up a comedy script or voicing your favorite hero (or villain!), Jake strives to deliver engaging, original and thought-provoking content.


Pokémon: Professor Sycamore, Team Skull – Zipp, Eric, Levi, Orson + others and Pokémon

Yu-gi-oh!: Dumon, Devin Knox

Gundam Thunderbolt: Brian

Winx Club: Brandon

Rob Taylor | Video Production

Rob rules. Bio coming soon.

Brett Abrams | Media Relations

Brett Abrams is the founder of Unbendable Media. Unbendable Media is movement-focused PR firm specializing in helping progressive organizations earn media for their work with offices in Washington DC and New York City.  Brett has helped develop and implement media strategies on a wide range of progressive campaigns, including efforts to attach real costs to sexual assault and domestic violence, hold corporations and advertisers accountable for their relationships with problematic, racist, or sexist endorsers, as well as helping build awareness around critical issues like immigrant detention, Medicaid expansion, and corporate malfeasance. Before founding Unbendable Media, Brett was a Senior Director of Media Relations at Fitzgibbon Media and Campaign Director at USPIRG.


Brett is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a native New Yorker and currently lives in Washington DC with his partner of 13 years, and their Dobergirl, Keyo.

Jordan Wilhelmi | Media Relations

Jordan Wilhelmi is a Media Strategist at Unbendable Media. He is formerly from the Twin Cities, but has resided in Washington, DC the last 4 years. He is not a pet owner, but loves animals and is an avid pet babysitter for friends and family whenever called upon.

Jamie McGonnigal | Contributor

Jamie McGonnigal has been a voice actor for nearly 20 years and is known for his roles as Ash's rivals, Barry and Trip on Pokémon. He has also been heard on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX & 5Ds (Brron, Thunder, Blitz), Viva Pinata (Teddington Twingersnaps), One Piece (Kuromarimo, Eyelash), Huntik (Tersely), Three Delivery (Eugene), Chaotic (Vlar), Weiss Kreus/Knight Hunters (Omi), Magic Users Club (Takeo), Kirby (Whippy), Big Windup (Kanou), Beck (Yoshito), Gokusen (Uchiyama), El Cazador de la Bruja (L.A.), Kizuna (Ranmaru), and games including Shadow Hearts from the New World (Johnny Garland) and Viva Pinata. His voice has been heard on the Cartoon Network, Fox Kids, DisneyXD, Playstation, and XBOX. 

Tyler Bunch | Actor, Lifelong Rescuer

Tyler Bunch is and actor and puppeteer best known for his work on The Tick and Sesame Street. He and his wife have rescued multitudes of cats over many years. Bio coming soon.

Rob Morrison | Kitten Foster Dad, Actor, Musician

Rob Morrison and his girlfriend have fostered more than 40 kittens over the last two years. Bio coming soon.

Kate Bristol | Contributor

Kate helped us make our intro video. She's also a voice actress. Credits include: Musa in Netflix' World of Winx, Lynette Bishop in Strike Witches, Kisa Sohma in Fruits Basket, Nurse Joy in Pokémon XY. Bio coming soon. 

James Carter Cathcart | Contributor

James Carter Cathcart is a voice actor, scriptwriter, singer, songwriter and musician. On Pokémon, he voices Meowth and James, among many others. He has been rescuing animals all his life.

Kayzie Rogers | Actress, Rescuer

Kayzie Rogers is an American character actress. Her many voice credits in television and video games include 20 years of voicing Wobbuffet and a long list of other characters for Pokémon. Rogers is best known for her inventive and wacky portrayals as well as her wide vocal and emotional range. She has been living with and rescuing animals all her life.

Eddy Lee | Contributor

Eddy Lee is an actor in NYC. His credits include Hamilton (Broadway), Pokémon: Unannounced, Yugioh Arc VMoonshadow, and Modern Combat Vs. 

Laurie Hymes

Laurie Hymes is allergic to animals, and her character Lillie is afraid to touch Pokémon! But she has been so supportive of our endeavor, so everybody, say hi to Laurie. She can also be heard as Vicky Broomstick in Regal Academy on Nickelodeon. 

Billy Bob Thompson

Billy Bob Thompson is a prolific voice actor (also on Pokémon) who is way too busy to write a bio. He ran around Bushwick looking for feral cats to film last week. He only found one, but we love him anyway. 

Ryan Andes

Ryan Andes is a cat person and actor best known for playing Karl the Giant in Big Fish  on Broadway. Full bio coming soon.

Marc Thompson

Marc Thompson has been giving voice to your favorite characters for almost 30 years. Bio coming soon.

Rodger Parsons

Rodger Parsons has been the narrator on Pokémon since the beginning. Bio coming soon.

Erica Schroeder

Erica Schroeder is another friend to animals and prolific voice actor working on Pokémon. Bio coming soon.

Alyson Rosenfeld

Alyson Rosenfeld is in everything, including Pokémon. Bio coming soon.

Abe Goldfarb

Abe Goldfarb plays the roles of Professor Kukui and Xerosic on Pokémon. Bio coming soon.

Suzy Myers

Suzy Myers. Voice of Nurse Joy on Pokémon. Loves animals. Bio coming soon.

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